XT One Easy

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we reduced our ultra-light XT ONE Easy Trike to a minimum weight - with a maximum experience! despite the minimal weight, our XT ONE Easy is still a real paratrike! the uncomplicated structure supplemented by the robust aluminum construction - flying a trike couldn't be easier!

insert the two air wheels into the body, secure the central strut with a socket pin, ... and that's it! in just a few simple steps, the small system becomes an ultra-light trike on which you can attach your paramotor in seconds.

our paramotors of the X product line are perfectly matched to the XT ONE Easy and can be adapted in just a few simple steps. however, (almost all) motors from other manufacturers can also be easily fixed on the universal paramotor adapter plate.


length: 157cm | width: 143cm


line holder 2 pieces for tube Ø 16mm (see spare parts trike)