XT One Plus

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Our super lightweight titanium trike reflects our entire philosophy. Simplify, because it's just easy. Clack, clack, clack. Click, click, click, click and you're done! With just a few simple steps, the small system turns into a great trike. Without tools!

Plus (adapter plate / guard ring)

With the XT ONE Plus, everything is prepared to install your existing motor in a few simple steps, as the motor adapter plate already has holes for mounting different motors. The motor adapter plate is quickly attached to the trike with four Quickpins and removed just as quickly for transport. To mount the guard ring, three high-strength CNC aluminum struts are inserted into the plate, the ring is fastened with three quick-releases and the trike is ready to fly.


  • Simplify Trike XT ONE with harness
  • "Plus" = motor adapter plate & protection ring Ø 1.6m
  • Protective bag for cage
  • Protective bag for CNC aluminum struts

More options

  • Transport bag for compl. Trike (without engine)
  • Storage pocket behind pilot seat 30L